Monday, November 8, 2010

One more reason to love Oregon rain!

I know its crazy, but I'm lovin' that the rains are here in Oregon. We actually had a good storm just before we left for California. We had to go out to the property to check on something and were so excited to see that the pond had filled with water and that the creeks were running. I was bummed I didn't have my camera at the time. But, not to worry, the rains continued and the pond and creeks are even more full now. So, this time out to the property I brought my camera. And, as an added bonus....a rainbow!!

California and Grandkids!

We just returned from a wonderful week in California visiting Kim, Danny, and the kids. It was a frugal vacation since we stayed with Kim and Danny, fixed our meals there, and earned free tickets to Disneyland by participating in the Give a Day, Get a Day volunteer drive that Disney sponsored earlier this year. So really, it was just the cost of gas! We were there in time to celebrate Halloween by attending their stake's trunk-or-treat activity. We decorated our trunk in a pirate theme, played the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack from our van speakers, and dressed as pirates. It was a lot of fun. It actually took a whole extra suitcase (and a big one at that) to pack all of our costumes, plus we brought decorations for the trunk. We spent time visiting Monty's former mission area in Van Nuys, stopped at the LA temple visitors center, spent a day at Zuma beach, and went to Disneyland. Monty actually served in the Camarillo ward that Kim and Danny live in. Their current bishop was just a boy when he was there as a missionary. In fact, when their bishop found out he was coming to visit, he requested that he bring his magic trick that he used to do on his mission to show to the primary kids. The bishop was going to talk to the kids about how a good example can influence others. He said that Elder Luke was a good example to him as a missionary and really got him motivated to serve a mission. Its wonderful to see the fruits of a mission even twenty five years later!


Cinderella, Rosetta, and Finn the Human

Super Saiyan Goten

A pirate and Mario

Luigi and "chubby baby Olivia"

Aargh! A couple of pirates!

There be two more pirates handing out candy!

The pirates treasure trove.






Goodbye Ark!

After years of resting in the middle of the field, the ark "sailed" closer to the dumpster and is now no more! Moroni decided to film its voyage via the tractor. It was slow sailing, but she made it in one piece. Although, she's not in one piece any longer. The excavator tore her apart, and the tractor scooped her up and placed her in the dumpster. She was pretty much the last of the "stuff" that has left the property in a dumpster. I think we filled six 30 yard dumpsters over the summer....spending nearly $4000 in dump fees!

Homemade grape it!

Every year at this time I am so grateful for the Mother's Day present I received years ago...a custom designed and built grape arbor by my wonderful husband. Thanks dear!! Over the years our family has enjoyed many quarts of homemade grape juice. Sure, its easier to just go and buy frozen concentrate from the store, but it doesn't compare to the real stuff. It's the best!

Picked fresh from the vine.

I love the color they turn as they are steamed!

I love to see my shelves filled with quarts of this good stuff!

Happy Birthday McKay!

McKay recently turned sixteen and celebrated with friends, family, and an All-American chocolate cake from Costco...his favorite

Monday, October 4, 2010


McKay went to homecoming on Saturday night with his friend, Kristina. She bought a dress and then made it more modest by making a blouse to wear underneath it. McKay and I went shopping and bought the same fabric for his tie and coordinating fabric for his vest. McKay wanted to sew it all himself, but we ran out of time. He did cut out everything and sewed most of the tie. Don't they look cute?!

Happy Birthday, Hyrum!

Hryum turned 7 on Friday! He's been counting down the days for about a month. He even made a birthday list, of which, totaled about $350! What can I say? He wants what his teenaged brothers have...well, at least some of the things. In case you are not fluent in first grade writing, I will interpret...A Nintendo DS, an iPod touch, Super Mario Galaxy video game, Dragonball Z Kai for the PS2, and a Link movie. Fortunately, he was extremely happy with the gifts he did receive, even though they were not on "the list." And a special thanks to all of his "friends" (ages 15-18) who helped celebrate with him!

Rocks, rocks, and more rocks!

I guess this will forever be known as the summer of the rocks! Here are the latest rock projects. Eventually these raised planter beds will be full of plants...can't wait for that! There are three all together, although I'm only showing one. The other raised area is in the fork of the road. Once completed, we will move the grain planter in place and plant around it....maybe even in it! While I lift most of my rocks by hand, Monty lifts his with excavator as you can see from the videos. Granted, his rocks are a little bit bigger than mine!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Creek

If some of you thought the pond had a lot of rocks around the edges, check out the creek. These pictures are taken from the bridge and the rocks go all the way to the blue barrel (at that point the creek wanders onto the neighbors property.) And just to win all the pity I possibly can from each of you, each rock was picked up in the field, placed in the tractor bucket, dumped in the creek bed, picked up again to be put in place, usually set aside because it wasn't the right rock for the spot, picked up again, put in place (sometimes with success, sometimes, not), and on and on and on! Are you feeling the sore muscles yet? Maybe someday I'll count the rocks...just for fun! Of course, if I do, I will have to double or triple the number to be more in line with how many rocks were actually picked up! We also narrowed the creek a bit, so extra loads of dirt from other parts of the property had to be brought in and packed behind the rocks to create a new bank. It took quite a while to accomplish. I think when the grass starts to grow and we get some trees and plants put in place, it should look pretty good. Oh yea, and maybe water flowing in the creek!! Anyway, I'm onto my next rock project...making raised planting beds around some of the established trees to the east of the creek. I don't know, maybe I'm just tired, but the rocks I'm using now are different than the ones in the field, and I really think they're heavier rocks! I'll post those pics when I'm finished. Oh, and just to be fair to Monty, he has had more than his fair share of hard (and dangerous) work on the property. When I'm down playing with rocks, he's up making roads on the bulldozer, clearing trees, stumps, and blackberry bushes, moving huge rocks that make mine look like pebbles, and hanging out in the poison oak!