Monday, October 4, 2010


McKay went to homecoming on Saturday night with his friend, Kristina. She bought a dress and then made it more modest by making a blouse to wear underneath it. McKay and I went shopping and bought the same fabric for his tie and coordinating fabric for his vest. McKay wanted to sew it all himself, but we ran out of time. He did cut out everything and sewed most of the tie. Don't they look cute?!

Happy Birthday, Hyrum!

Hryum turned 7 on Friday! He's been counting down the days for about a month. He even made a birthday list, of which, totaled about $350! What can I say? He wants what his teenaged brothers have...well, at least some of the things. In case you are not fluent in first grade writing, I will interpret...A Nintendo DS, an iPod touch, Super Mario Galaxy video game, Dragonball Z Kai for the PS2, and a Link movie. Fortunately, he was extremely happy with the gifts he did receive, even though they were not on "the list." And a special thanks to all of his "friends" (ages 15-18) who helped celebrate with him!

Rocks, rocks, and more rocks!

I guess this will forever be known as the summer of the rocks! Here are the latest rock projects. Eventually these raised planter beds will be full of plants...can't wait for that! There are three all together, although I'm only showing one. The other raised area is in the fork of the road. Once completed, we will move the grain planter in place and plant around it....maybe even in it! While I lift most of my rocks by hand, Monty lifts his with excavator as you can see from the videos. Granted, his rocks are a little bit bigger than mine!!