Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hyrum and His Brain

The other day Hyrum came into me and said, "My brain is telling me to play video games." I said, "Well, my brain is telling me that you don't need to play video games." Then he said, "My brain is telling your brain to tell my brain to play video games." I said, "Why don't you go and ask Dad to see what his brain says." He left,
but didn't go and talk to Dad. I guess
he already knew what Dad's brain was going to say!

The Pumpkin Patch

Last night was combined FHE with Brad's family. We went to Herrick's farm and rode the tractor-pulled wagon out to the pumpkin patch. It was a lot of fun and it was such a nice fall day. We bought 63 lbs. of pumpkins which we will carve later.

Ammon chasing Hyrum through the hay maze...can you
spot Hyrum's head?

The hay ride

Ammon just chillin' on the hay ride

Mom and Dad enjoying the ride

Now this is what we came here for!

The Harvest Festival

Last friday we enjoyed the ward's harvest festival. We filled up on chili and cornbread. It was fun to dress up in costumes. This year, Hyrum was a pirate, McKay was Hans Solo, Jesse was a teenager spending time with his girlfriend :-), Ammon showed up briefly, and Monty and I were from Medieval times. It was fun. Most of the costumes were made by repurposing second hand finds. Monty's "leather" breastplate was made from two leather-like jackets. One already had little studs on it that added to the look. I also added some interesting silver pieces I took off of an old sword sheath that was kicking around the house. His chain mail was some nifty bargain fabric from JoAnn's. The main part of my dress was from value village. I dyed it, which made the embroidery really pop out. I added the dark green fabric and sleeve trim. I made a hat with veil to match. McKay's outfit was pieced together from value village. He made the gun himself. Hyrum's shirt was a ladies blouse that I altered to make smaller. When I ironed it, the iron was too hot and it burned a hole in the sleeve cuff. Of well, it just added to the look of a priate! His boots were snow boots covered by the sleeves of one of the jackets used for Monty's costume. They fit perfectly over the boots like they were made for them! His hair is actually t-shirt fabric ripped into strips. It naturally curls and looks like dreadlocks. I stitched it onto the scarve. His vest was cut from a second hand shirt. We also got the hat, scarf, and sword from a second hand store. Even though its a lot of work, I like putting costumes together.

The pirate (complete with dreadlocks) and the knight

The pirate and the fair maiden

The fair maiden with her knight

Hans Solo (with a gun he made himself)