Sunday, January 27, 2008

Snow Angel

We woke up this morning to a blanket of snow! It was beautiful outside (and warm and toasty inside!) We got ready for church and had fun slipping and sliding on the way there. Of course, Dad likes to add to the slipping and sliding! The bishopric decided to only have Sacrament meeting. As soon as we got home, the kids were digging through the snow clothes and heading outside. We are trying to have a "reverent" snow day, which has included a "reverent" snowball fight in the church parking lot with the Ennis family. Poor Sister Ennis, she got nailed in the back of the head by Ammon. She got him back, though, by coming into the van and putting snow down his neck!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

In the beginning...

This is my first attempt at a "blog" and it is quite the learning experience.  I suppose in time I will get the hang of it.  But for now, I feel like I don't know what the heck I'm doing!  

As for a family update...Kara has a boyfriend, so we see very little of her these days.  She has a cell phone now and has already logged in hundreds, maybe over a thousand text messages.  Maybe I'm old, but I just don't understand the whole concept of wanting to text people.  Isn't it just easier to pick up the phone and talk?  Maybe its just me and the idea of trying see the little buttons and hope that I'm pushing the right ones (since I can never find a pair of glasses to wear!)  I'm always thankful that when I dial someone on my cell phone that the number appears on the screen (large enough for me to see it) before I press "send."  Anyway, she is having fun with everything.  I'm having fun handing her the bills for her dentist appointment, eye exam, etc.  Its nice when they can help to pay their own way!

Ammon is busy with pep band and playing the drums for the upcoming musical (by the way, he says it takes up way too much time and will not be volunteering his services next year!)  He is hoping to get an after school job when the musical is done.  

Jesse just finished a mad dash to get in all his missing assignments before the end of the semester.  We're happy that he made such a valiant effort.  He has taken on the responsibility of getting Hyrum asleep at night.  Its pretty cute to see them asleep on the bed together, although Jesse says he moves around way too much during the night!  

McKay worked hard with Dad and earned enough money to buy yet another guitar.  (The count is now at four!)  He has written and recorded a couple of songs on GarageBand.  If you want to hear them, go to:

He did everything himself!  He is also quite the skateboarder and has spent countless hours learning different tricks.  

The other night, Hyrum sat at the dinner table and there wasn't a place setting in front of him (the place setting was actually in front of the seat next to him) he says, and I quote, "Hey guys!  Somethings wrong here!"  We realized the problem and quickly scooted the place setting over in front of him.  All was well.  He is also into saying the family prayer at night (although, he says they need to be "small").  As he was getting ready to say the prayer the other night, Dad was still talking about the scriptures we had just read.  He leaned over to Dad and put his finger on Dad's lips and said "Shhhh."  Dad quickly stopped talking and Hyrum said a "small" prayer.  He keeps us laughing daily.  

Monty is enjoying the extra time and lower stress since he was released as Bishop.  We quickly memorized the new Bishop's phone number and now direct all necessary phone calls happily to him!  (Actually, Monty enjoyed his time serving as Bishop and would have continued to serve faithfully if the Lord needed him to.)  He has been working to get the work shop put together.  Its going to be a nice shop where I'm sure McKay and I will also spend much time.  Work has been a little slower, but is beginning to pick back up.  He has enjoyed the time off (even though that time has been spent working on the house.)  

I am looking forward to next week being finals week, which means no early-morning seminary to prepare for.  I still love teaching seminary (its been 10 years now) but, I also love the breaks.  I plan on getting a bunch done around the house next week.  Its also time to start planning girls camp and we have a Laurel Retreat/Camp Overnighter planned for next Friday night at our house.  I will probably have to get rid of the boys for the night since we will be invaded by about 20+ teen aged girls!

Life is good!  Even though it is cold and rainy outside and the "band" is over here practicing right now (which means it ain't quiet in our house) I can't complain and am richly blessed!