Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mission Organization!

Okay, this might not be the most exciting post, but I have been organizing my office lately (among other areas of the house) and I thought I would post a few pictures of the progress.

"Sewing Area"
The cute little "suitcase" acts like a recharging station for my phone and PDA. I picked it up at a secondhand store for a few dollars.

Finally, some organization to the sewing drawers ( I have two of them.)
I found these shallow wooden trays at Value Village for 99¢ each. I added some wooden dividers to the one on the right to hold my bobbins.

One of my four cupboards.
On the top shelf are some Snapware containers I got from Wal-Mart to hold all of my greeting cards. I love them!

I picked up this wooden thing at Value Village and sprayed it black.
On the same visit, I found plastic cups that fit perfectly. The whole unit spins around.

I already had this rack that I use for 8 1/2 x 11 paper.
I got it when a store was going out of business.

I've had fun collecting various jars from secondhand stores to house various items. The one with the metal lid is fun. When you pull up on the lid, the pens come up with it. I think it usually holds straws. Only $4!

My scissor racks were from the same store close-out.
The spice racks were from a secondhand store and sprayed black.
I finally broke done and bought spice jars at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, only to finally find the plastic ones that I had in storage a few days later. Now that I'm organized, that won't happen again...hopefully!

One of the cupboards above the sewing area. The drawer units are handy for holding all sorts of stuff. The boxes I covered myself with secondhand wallpaper. I added ribbon trim around the top and bookplates to label each box. These boxes actually have cardboard inserts that divide each box into six sections. It makes it really handy for extension cords and other cables.

More boxes covered with a different wallpaper (I ran out of the first roll.)
I ended up covering 19 boxes altogether. They cost me about $1.25 each to make.

I know, these jars are clear and you can easily see what's inside them, but I thought the tags added to the look!

The shelf above the sewing area.
I love having a place for everything!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us!

That was Then!
Honeymoon, February 1990

This is Now!
19th Anniversary, February 2009

Monty and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary on valentine's Day. We enjoyed a weekend at the coast cabin and had lots of fun! The weather was great and it was very relaxing. I had been working on a scrapbook of our wedding and honeymoon pictures to surprise Monty. When Hyrum saw the pictures of our wedding he asked, "Who's that?" I told him it was mom and dad. He replied, "Well, that's you (mom), but (pointing to dad), that's someone else and you're going to marry him, and dad is going to say, no way, you can't marry my life." (He calls a wife, "life" for some reason.) Anyway, it was pretty funny. I think I have finally convinced him that it is dad in the pictures and not some stranger. I feel so blessed to have a wonderful husband and am so thankful that he is my eternal companion! Life is great!!