Monday, May 17, 2010

Springtime on the Property!

When we first saw the property it was the middle of winter and everything was pretty ghostly and barren. Now that spring is here, it is so much fun to discover all the beauty that it has to offer. At first, I wanted to plant some wildflowers up on the mossy rocks, or Rocky Ridge, as we call it. But, no need for that! Mother Nature did it for me...

Monty has been busy playing with his new toy. Well, actually working hard at putting in the road. He loves the excavator and has gotten pretty good with it!

I've been having fun with my new toy, a woodchipping, brush eating monster.

Any guesses as to how long it will take me to get rid of this pile of cedar? I know, a little bit of fuel and a match, and it would be gone before you know it. But, it does make a good mulch for all the nature trails that I have envisioned!

The Tradition Continues...

It all started when Kara wanted to bring little brother McKay to school for show and tell when he was just a baby....

Then, McKay brought little brother Hyrum to school for show and tell when he was a baby (notice the yellow "visitor" tag on him?)...

Then, Uncle Hyrum brought his niece, Olivia (known to Hyrum as "Chubby Baby Olivia"), to school for show and tell...

After the student shares their special something, the class can then ask questions or offer compliments. The dialog went something like this:

Hyrum: Victoria.
Victoria: I like her because she's soft.
Hyrum: Thank you.
Hyrum: Jakob.
Jakob: I like her because she's chubby.
Hyrum: Thank you.
Hyrum: Mercy.
Mercy: I like her because she's cute.
Hyrum: Thank you.

It continued on through the rest of the class with everyone offering a compliment. It was awfully cute. McKay was a hit when he was a baby, Hyrum was hit when he was there, and Olivia was a big hit in Hyrum's class. Maybe someday Olivia will be able to carry on the tradition!